See You in Church

Many of you do not know but I have almost completed seminary.  While taking my Pneumatology I was asked to formulate a piece on what I thought about the Holy Spirit. Through this paper, I realized how much the church has become feminized. This feminization of the church has left its pews empty and fewer … More See You in Church

The Red Pill

Hello Anti-Feminists, Yesterday I watched the Red Pill movie. I thought I would write my review today since being an Anti-Feminist it would provide a different perspective.  So there might be some revelations not intended in this blog.  Cassie Jaye defines herself at the beginning of the movie as a Feminist.  She learns about the … More The Red Pill

Happy Fathers Day

Hello Antifeminist, Today I am writing before Father’s Day.  Father day is a hard day for me and my husband. It’s another gut-wrenching reminder of how the courts failed another father. In 2016 there was approximately one divorce every 36 seconds. Wow, folks really?  Think about that!!  40% of children do not live with their … More Happy Fathers Day