See You in Church

Many of you do not know but I have almost completed seminary.  While taking my Pneumatology I was asked to formulate a piece on what I thought about the Holy Spirit. Through this paper, I realized how much the church has become feminized. This feminization of the church has left its pews empty and fewer and fewer younger people going to church.  The husband is to be the head of the household like Jesus Christ is the head of the church.  The church emphasizes the feminine natures of Jesus being caring and compassionate. Christ was also very masculine.  He protected his friends, he tore up the temple for the Jews doing business transactions in the House of God and even endured a brutal murder.  So, the question what does the church has to do with feminism and today’s issues.


While we fail to get men into the pews we see a decrease in the number of candidates willing to sacrifice their lives for the Lord. In 2016 the pew research center found that among religious attendance for weekly services 7% more women attended church services than men. So, let’s do some math. If a good church has 500 members total. 265 of the congregants are women who attend regularly while only 235 men go.  7% is roughly 30 additional women. While in the United States men are more likely to claim to be an Atheist than women are. 68% percent of men versus 32% of women. In fact, the United States was part of the top 30 countries that women have a higher percentage of women than men in attendance of services. Of the top 30 countries, all but one were primarily Christian nations. In the top 28 nations where men had most of the attendance only two where Christian and one was Jewish.  The majority where Islamic nations.


This is an interesting finding, at least for me. We desire for equality among the sexes. Therefore, how do we regain our places of faith?  We will have to sit in the pews and worship.  If we want the church to be masculine then we need to lead our families to church and sit in the pews.  There is nothing more intimidating to a preacher than seeing a congregation full of men leading their families.  As a future preacher, I am hoping to encourage men to come to church because to prepare for the battle of God we need to prepare our hearts and mind for battle.  The only way to be prepared for this battle is to know the Word and be prayed up. If the congregation’s dynamics change then priests will often change their sermons to make it more applicable to the audience hearing it.  So, the only way to get the church changed is to be an active visible member in the church.


If you follow the rise in attacks from Islamic extremists the fact that men attend more services than women. I would venture to say women need to attend more services in those nations. We are unprepared for the spiritual battle that lays before us the more ground we will lose in our country. Men must and need to stand up and take care of the spiritual needs of their families. The more families attend church the lower the divorce rates and the more likely women will learn their place in the household structure as being subservient to the men’s authority. Therefore, I challenge you, men. Find a church and take a seat. Take your family and change your life.


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