The Red Pill

Hello Anti-Feminists,

Yesterday I watched the Red Pill movie. I thought I would write my review today since being an Anti-Feminist it would provide a different perspective.  So there might be some revelations not intended in this blog.  Cassie Jaye defines herself at the beginning of the movie as a Feminist.  She learns about the MRA through online searches and starts to interview MRA members.  She spots her movie with interviews, logic, and some emotional bits from her video blogs.

I find the movie is weak because of the enormous task trying to cover the issues that Feminism has caused for men. At the end, she stated she was no longer a Feminist. So that’s winning!  There is a part in the movie when she states she was trying to find the truth between the sides and starts to break down.  It got me thinking about that middle ground between the feminist and MRA.  I can see where they both desire to change and want to be heard. But neither side emphasized empathy. So, the question now is what is empathy? The dictionary defines empathy as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In this context, I am not asking individuals to share the feelings of others.  However, I can say we must be able to sit at a table and understand how the other feels because in many ways men feel hurt and abused by the feminist.  They just want equal rights in the court like women who want equal rights in the workplace. Empathy is the ability to put one’s self in another’s shoes and understand the perspective situations of the person or group they are emulating.

Men have often supported the Feminist movement.  Women like those men are now supporting the men’s movement also known as Honey Badgers. However, when you go online and look at so many of the YouTube videos of women throwing things and screaming during a protest or at men doing daily activities and men just overreacting and putting it out on video laughing and describing the women as crazy, I see a degradation of maturity in our society to discuss real social issues. Being a Christian, I see a lack of empathy among both sexes. The ability to sit and listen try to understand. Throwing tantrums and screaming does not help anyone except the person yelling. It provides them with the opportunity to become a target on both sides of the social media line to either be bashed or loved. However, I guess my question really is not what is true between the two lines but what will it take to bring both sides of the argument to the table to talk?

The Red Pill showed some interesting movement towards that way. It showed a Feminist trying to discuss with her own and members of the MRA about issues.  I would have liked to see the growth and development of the MRA members she kept interviewing.  I want to see if there are growth and understanding development there.  I think when as women and men we must challenge ourselves, our understandings, to either reaffirm what we believe or have a new perspective on our belief. Doing so allows us to grow and become better communicators with others who are different from us.

I support our Men!



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