Happy Fathers Day

Hello Antifeminist,

Today I am writing before Father’s Day.  Father day is a hard day for me and my husband. It’s another gut-wrenching reminder of how the courts failed another father. In 2016 there was approximately one divorce every 36 seconds. Wow, folks really?  Think about that!!  40% of children do not live with their biological father and have not seen them for the past 12 months. This includes my husband’s two children. The court failed to see past my husband’s penis and past his military career. The Spruce states that men need to work hard to provide for their children.

Yet they mention nothing about how the mothers of these children drive men to sign their rights away.  Between the mounting court costs, the needless reports of abuse the children keep describing, and the lack of logical process the women have it comes down to a difficult simple decision for most fathers.  Do I allow my ex-wife to keep using my kids as weapons or do I remove myself and wait till their adults?  Do allow my children to live in peace and pray that if I remove myself she will stop the abuse of my children?  We faced those decisions and challenges.  We were the refuge for our children.  My son has finally started to make an appearance online.  From what we infer he is angry and upset.  He listens to music his father used to play.  He takes care of his sister because no one will. He takes care of her by making her food when she is hungry.  However, at least the children are not interrogated any longer.  However, they are blocked from communicating with us.

Therefore, tomorrow is a Remembrance Day for us.  We will go to church and pray for the children. To be honest I fear they will forget us.  However, we must have faith.  Faith to know that while they are raising one another with an absent mother and no father they will come and search for us when they turn 18. Father’s Day is only valid to the Feminist out there as a day to celebrate for themselves because most of them must do both roles. However, they only really can be one role, THE MOTHER. Once we get through the day it will be Monday. Another day for a celebration which we will ignore because it just reminds us how long we still must wait.

So, for the fathers out there who have no legal obligation to your children anymore, we stand with you this Father’s Day.  We pray that you will continue to have the strength to continue to move forward.  To be the best role model you can be for the children you never see. To continue to work hard and be an honorable man. Because of the hope and faith that at some point your daughter or son will need you in their life as they begin to become an adult.  That you have the understanding and pride that you will want to be the man that they can rely upon and be proud to say that’s my dad.


Happy Father’s Day.


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