Feminism Killed The Family

Feminism has destroyed the American Family. I plan to share how it destroyed my family.


Feminism Killed My Family Let Me Explain How It Did

My hope here is that at least the home page can show how feminism killed my family.  Neither of my parents was part of the hippie generation.  Both of my parents had parents who served in the military.  My mother had two daughters and was the strong feminist female who worked hard in her job and raised both us girls with my father who was a salesman. My mother worked in education.

My grandmother was a strong wife and educated. My mother like her was the same. Me I have left that path. I am exceptionally gifted. I live in a man’s world and have no children. I have more degrees than are worth trying to explain to anyone.  In all honesty, it is just something to do to keep me out of trouble. I am a conservative. I believe in God and the Holy Trinity. I am what you would probably be considered part of the alt-right Republican party.  I listen to Terrence Popp.  I enjoy watching Milo and listening to Alex Jones.

I married the love of my life after divorcing my first husband. I was not his first but feminism destroyed his first two marriages. His second resulted in me losing the only family which God gave and took from me. We lost our children to a crazy dependapotomus who all because of feminism is able to raise our children. Every day is a trial for me and my husband. God gives us trials to strengthen us and bring meaning and purpose to our lives. In 2016 we lost our children. In 2017 we lost our church family.

In 2017 we lost our church family.  The bishop of our area decided to allow a man who uses stolen valor to get back into the leadership and retiring a beloved priest. He took the church and made it Calvinist which is nothing more than cheap grace.  Without my husband and I losing our children to their mother, we probably never would have failed at being able to handle the pain of losing our church community.

All of these incidents are based on a loosing fight the church and the courts have had with feminism. As feminism gains momentum the society that I know and love shrinks and dies.  I could not let this happen without putting a voice out there.  My hope is to bring some light into the dark world feminism has brought to our country.

I will blog about this and other events and their relationship to feminism in the blog area of my website. Thanks for reading.